Modulare No2 - multi-table

Modulare No 2 multitable - side table, coffee table, wall console, all in one.
349,00 €
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The Modulare No 2 Multitable
The No 2 consists of two table halves connected by a decorative screw connection. If you turn the furniture 180°, it becomes a magazine, newspaper or book stand. If you separate the halves, they can be attached to the wall and used as a compact console or bedside table. Unsightly multiple sockets are simply hidden under the foot. By mounting it on the wall, No 2 can be used both as a normal console and "upside down" as a flying console: For example, you get a practical newspaper/book shelf.

Develop by Michael Hilgers, the German furniture designer, when it comes to functional design furniture. Like all our products, the No2 Multitsich is also produced sustainably in Germany.
In addition, the No 2 received the Plus X Award in 2022 and the German Design Award Special in 2023.
Shipping weight: 9,50 kg
Item weight: 9,00 kg
Package Contents: 2 table halves and knurled screws
Origin: Made in Germany
Material: Steel
Remark: Pictures may differ in colour and from the scope of delivery, please note RAL colour and parts list. Both the individual items and the shelf sets do not include screws for wall mounting.
Garantie: 24 Month
Width cm: 40
Height cm: 380
Depth cm: 400
Delivery time: 7-14 Days